Building on a Legacy

After serving a quarter of a century Anne Caffery has handed over leadership of The Memorial Foundation. Now as CEO Emeritus she trusts her team to guide our community leaders in making our community the healthiest it can be. We build on the legacy of iconic families like the Dolsens, Plaths, Sundquists, Shields, Temples, DeAtleys, Alegrias,  and so many others, as well as corporate leaders like Treetop Inc., the The Noel Corporation, John I Haas, Washington Fruit, Price Cold Storage and Packing, and so many more.

Anne, thank you for your great work and to our community leaders on our Foundation Board such as Bruce Heiser, Bill Wheeler, Jean Pryor and Bob Price for committing to continue this important work moving forward. Building on your legacy for generations to come.

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Miracle May

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals® ‘Miracle Balloons’ will be flying throughout Memorial Hospital and in the shops of our CMNH partners throughout Central Washington next month. Miracle retail partners Costco, Walmart, Rite Aid and Chico’s will be selling the iconic ‘Miracle Balloon’ to raise funds and create greater awareness for Memorial’s Neonatal Intensive Care and Pediatric units, and services at Children’s Village. Enhancing healthcare options for children, $1 at a time. Thank you for your support!

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Commitment for a healthier community

Join us to celebrate Earth Day and plant a seed in the Memorial Café garden at 213 S 29th Avenue on Friday, April 22, from 10:00 am -2:00 pm

Last year, the first ever Memorial Café garden harvested 2,800 lbs. of organically farmed produce that was served on Memorial patients’ trays as well as in the Café salad bar, and throughout the menu. Memorial is committed to increasing access to fresh fruits and vegetables to the community. This year the size of the garden will be doubled! If you would like to volunteer in the Café garden, please contact Branden Johnson in Volunteer Services, 575-8053.

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Focusing on victories

The donors from our community are comparable to special ops forces undercover, behind the scenes and critical to the success of our patients. Over and over again we hear stories like the one below from Kyle Prescott, a physical therapist at Lakeview Spine:

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU to the community and The Memorial Foundation for helping us to make the Memorial Oncology Rehab and Exercise program a reality. I just saw a patient who was in a great mood on his third visit saying, “I can’t believe how well I’m walking after just being here 2 times! I think I might get to go fishing after all this spring or summer!” A little positivity really shifted his focus to the victories. Pretty neat.”

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A healing journey

A man came to our office this week to make a memorial tribute in gratitude for the care his 92-year-old brother received at Cottage in the Meadow. He said, “I have never experienced anything like this before. I watched over my brother as he drew his last breath on this earth totally calm and pain free. I had no idea what a rare privilege it is to be with someone at the very end of his life. It was a beautiful gift to see him so peaceful, and now I am resting easier, too.”

Compass Care offers far more than end of life palliative care. It provides a rich, healing journey for the patients’ family and friends, as well.
The bereavement counselors continue the healing; for 13 months, they will stay in touch with the immediate family of the deceased, to make sure they are getting the emotional support they need to work through their grief. Thanks to your generous support, more families are experiencing the same privilege, surrounding their loved ones with peace until the very end.

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A Community Legacy

At Memorial I have served on the executive management team, grown community health improvement, community engagement, communications and marketing, and a number of cause-related programs including Memorial’s Gift Shop, primarily staffed by volunteers. At the core of this work I was the first director and ultimately served as the CEO of the Foundation. This integrated approach has built and sustained an excellent community relationship for Memorial Hospital.  I am excited to continue as a Trustee of Children’s Village and in an emeritus role with the Foundation Board.

In the weeks approaching the end of my 27th year with The Memorial Foundation, I have often visited the monument at the front door of the hospital.  I marvel at the words “They saw the need, and rose to the challenge.”  These words so aptly describe the spirit of the founders of Memorial who raised all of the money to build it. How similar this is to the leaders who later rose to the challenge of solutions for children with special healthcare needs and built Children’s Village and implored the creation of North Star Lodge; Passport to Health, YouthWorks; Healthy Yakima initiatives like diabetes education and A.C.T!, the childhood obesity prevention program, and the end-of-life initiative Compass Care and Cottage in the Meadow. The words on the monument perfectly describe the work of the Foundation, through whom philanthropists small and large join together to meet the great challenges in our community with care and concern for each other.  Our Foundation can be proud of its core competencies of community engagement and mobilization.

On the face of the granite, the words “Wherein is enshrined the living heart and spirit of a charitable and generous people” gives us pause to remember Memorial Family of Services’ leadership.  The new Foundation leadership team structure (Ed Flynn, Erin Black and Lynda Sissom) is in place and I am confident they will take the Foundation forward in beautiful fashion.

I have always believed I worked for YOU—the community donor.  You give to us to help make us better, and I have loved my partnership with you.  I leave you in the good hands of the very dedicated Foundation team to carry on the good work which you have helped to build.

Thank you.


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Foundation Team Members Excel

Memorial Foundation team members Kathleen Carrillo, Patty Larios, and Devin Mulroy have recently become certified by Blackbaud University as fundraising professionals.  Through a series of rigorous testing, they demonstrated proficiency in Blackbaud Fundamentals, showing superior knowledge and skills in utilizing the Raiser’s Edge donor management software.  This certification demonstrates their knowledge, skills and commitment to the highest standards of ethical and professional practice in philanthropy.  Working together to lead and manage the Foundation’s donor management database of 40,000 constituents, they track fundraising progress in development and assure that rigorous auditing standards are met on a day-to-day basis. It’s a competitive fundraising world, and together our team works very hard to utilize best practices to assure funding to meet the health care needs of our community.  Well done, Kathleen, Patty, and Devin!

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