Art at the Village

Art at the Village – On Wednesday, September 17, a fall social by the “Friends of the Village” will be held at Children’s Village, from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm.  The event will feature a private showing of artwork by local artist Duane Heilman,  whose work is well known throughout the region. A selection of Mr. Heilman’s favorite pieces will be on display and a portion of the proceeds from the artwork that is sold will go to benefit Children’s Village.

The social will also feature a sampling of some of the Valley’s finest wine, appetizers and gourmet cupcakes.

Come discover how the Friends of the Village are making a difference in the lives of young people throughout the Yakima Valley – and discover how you can too!  To RSVP for this event, please call (509) 574-3209 or email Mary Lynne Brewington by clicking here.

To view some of Mr. Heilman’s artwork, please click here.

Why I became a Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) Facilitator.

I have grown up around diabetes my entire life.  My mom has diabetes as well as my brother and grandparents. I have seen firsthand what living with diabetes is like.  This is why I went to school for Public Health Education with a big interest in diabetes hoping that I can someday make a difference in somebody’s life.

When I asked if I would be interested in becoming a diabetes prevention facilitator I accepted without hesitation.  I now have my own class and are in week 3. Everyone is excited about how this class will change their lives!   This week we are learning about the proper way to measure and weigh food.  It is shocking to see the difference between what you think a serving size is and what it actually is.

It is great knowing that what the participants are learning and what they will accomplish will make such a healthy difference in their lives.

To learn more about Diabetes Education at Memorial, please click here.

Diabetes Education is a part of our Healthy Yakima healthcare initiative. For more information on this healthcare initiative, and how you can get involved, please click here.

Special Thanks to Dairy Queen and Yakima

Our Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals national partner Dairy Queen is amazing!

Each year they do “Miracle Treat Day” where $1 or $2 from every Blizzard sold is donated to help support local health care programs and services through the Children’s Miracle Network.  Last year, they raised $5 MILLION!

Thank you Dairy Queen for all you do to support kids in the Yakima Valley.  We also want to thank Memorial’s amazing employees for their continued support in Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals activities. You make a tremendous difference in the lives of children throughout our community every year!

Last Chance for a Red Carpet Experience!

This is your chance to receive a red carpet experience at this year’s Golf to Give Classic!

Complete your golf registration and pay in full  by Friday, August 15th to receive the following benefits:

  • Express  Check-in (no waiting in line)
  • Personal Escort to your cart
  • Bucket of Range Balls
  • Iced Beverages (6-pack-of-beer or soda, your choice, one per team)


We need your help more than ever to purchase much needed equipment for our pediatric acute care unit. Our goal is $50,000 – you can help us meet it by registering today!


Click here to register for the 2014 Golf to Give Classic

Eating Healthy in Yakima

A Healthy Yakima is one of the four main initiative focuses at The Memorial Foundation.  It seems like everyone is talking about changing to a healthier lifestyle.  We are so lucky that opportunities for these changes abound in Central Washington.

Healthy eating is just one facet of a healthy lifestyle.  Walking through the farmer’s market last weekend really made me realize how very fortunate we are.  Every booth offered tastes of local bounty, and the conversations all around were about new foods, how to prepare them, preserve them, experiment with them, even craft with them!  The seemingly endless variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs seems to get everyone out and talking.  It’s exciting to me, an old hand at preserving food for my family, to see young and old alike, sharing knowledge to keep the traditions going.   The old adage ‘many hands make light the work’ is very true at harvest time.

Eating healthy food is so easy in Yakima.  These long sunshiny days seem to grow a new fruit stand nearby every week!  So, tie on your walking shoes, grab your shopping bag, and head out to find a fruit stand and a new taste adventure!  You might want to bring the little red wagon along; it’s pretty hard to say no to all that delicious produce!

A Legacy is in Your Hands

The future of our community’s health is up to you. And providing quality health care for future generations in Yakima begins today.

Our community built Memorial to ensure that your health care needs, and the health care needs of those closest to you, were met by the most comprehensive and advanced medical treatments that modern medicine has to offer – right here, at home, in Yakima.

Truth be told, for many communities of equal size to ours, sustaining the caliber of care found at North Star Lodge, Children’s Village, Memorial Hospital, and other Memorial services is not feasible. And so, patients in these communities are forced to seek their treatment elsewhere, which often impacts the progress they make towards a full recovery.

But you don’t have to be concerned with such matters – in Yakima, you’re taken care of.

This is a gift that has been passed down through generations over the decades. It has been made possible by the selflessness of many – many who often go unknown, but whose impact can be felt by every one of us.

The health care we’ve come to embrace in Yakima has been their legacy. Changing lives by making our community healthier and more vital – this is their legacy.

You can make it your legacy as well.

Planned giving, or legacy giving, has provided for the health care programs and services that have made Yakima standout when it comes to quality health care. This form of giving also provides flexibility and personal control for you to make a major gift that fits within your financial goals according to a timeframe that is best for you.

What will your legacy be?

Click here to learn more about how you can make a planned gift to The Memorial Foundation.

Everybody Wins!

by Barb Sperry

After 16 weeks, I thought my new life would fall apart when our Diabetes Prevention Program shifted from weekly to monthly meetings.  Not so much!  Who has time to be intimidated?  I am just too busy being active.  The habit of planning and tracking exercise time is new to me, but it is so easy!  Now that I am eating better, my body has thanked me in so many ways.


  • I no longer gasp for air when I use the stairs.  This is significant, as I work in a 3-story house with no elevator!
  • I can last through a 55-minute, low-impact water exercise class and have the energy to go home and mow the lawn.
  • 50 percent reduction in my blood pressure medicine dosage.
  • 25 pound weight loss over a 16-week period of practicing better eating habits.
  • 4 points lower BMI for this writer in the same 16 weeks.
  • 3 size reductions in my new wardrobe!  Woo hoo!


The interesting thing is that I no longer feel slumpy from eating the wrong foods in the wrong portions all day.  It has been far easier to move to the outer aisles of the grocery store (where the nutritional basics are located) than it has been to remember to head for the smaller size clothing racks.  I just didn’t expect that.  I do expect, however, to march into my AARP years with a healthier, more positive goal for my future wellness.  Thank you, Joel, and teammates, for the encouragement and support.  I can’t wait for our next meeting in two more weeks!


P.S. 32 pounds of food was donated to Northwest Harvest when our 11-person class cleared out our cupboards to make room for more fruits and veggies.  Everybody wins!



Giving begins at home! 

During May, Memorial’s Family of Services employees seized the opportunity to sign up for the convenience of payroll deduction as a means to support programs which help all of our patients.

  • Employee giving via payroll deduction went from 195 participants to 369 participants!
  • Employees wholeheartedly participated in the annual Miracle May Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals balloon fundraising activities.

Meet “Friends Asking Friends”

How can you play a critical role in securing a healthier future for Yakima? This is a question that can easily overwhelm a person because of what it seems to imply – taking part in a task that is arduous and complex. People will often reply, “What can I do? I am only one person.”

You’d be surprised at how simple it truly is. Meet Friends Asking Friends.

Friends Asking Friends is an internet based fundraising platform that allows community members to host online events to raise money for a healthcare intiative or service of their choosing. Last year, over $30,000 was raised through the use of this platform – and only 2 people participated! Imagine if 10 people participated? 20?

In 2013, Dean Shirey raised over $13,000 for cancer care at North Star Lodge as a tribute to his brother, Terry, who had been a former patient at the cancer center. Bill Dolsen raised over $20,000 for programs and services at Children’s Village in honor of the children that it serves on a daily basis. These are major contributions that have undoubtedly changed lives throughout the Yakima Valley. And the driving force behind them were community members just like you!

Quality healthcare services, like those available at North Star Lodge and Children’s Village, depend upon community support for their continued existence here in Yakima. Without adequate community support, they could not be sustained in a community of our size. North Star Lodge and Children’s Village are only two examples… there are many, many more.

You Are Working Miracles!

May was especially busy for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals’ partners.  Supporting the Children’s Fund, the nearly $87,000 raised during May helps fund vital programs and services in Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Pediatric Department, as well as Children’s Village.

National partners Costco, Wal-Mart, Rite Aid, Carmike, and Chico’s sold thousands of Miracle Balloons! A big THANK YOU to them and to Memorial Hospital employees who raised nearly $3,500 during Miracle May