Keeping Support Local

We are happy to reaffirm the Attorney General’s Charitable Solicitations Program most recent report which states that The Memorial Foundation devotes 89% of donations directly to health programs.  Another confirmation and reassurance that our community’s charitable dollars stay local and support community healthcare programs, patients and families.

Keeping support local means dollars are at work right here in our community…directly serving children, families, your neighbors, your loved ones…you.

Through The Memorial Foundation, our community has made hope, care, compassion and wellness possible for many thousands in our community who needed just the right health care service at just the right time.  Made possible only through generous giving, for over twenty-five years The Memorial Foundation has been dedicated to improving health outcomes for a healthy community.

Memorial Offers Community Training on Advance Directives

The Washington State Medical Association and Washington State Hospital Association have identified advance directives as a key initiative in medical care and substantial time and energy is being placed on this endeavor around our state.

At Memorial, we offer general training on advance directives, and Five Wishes in particular, in one-hour sessions (45 minutes for training, plus 15 minutes Q&A).

During these sessions, you will learn about Washington state’s focus pertaining to an advance directive, what an advance directive consists of (and what makes it legal in Washington), and how to carry out—as well as complete—an advance directive using Five Wishes. You will also receive information regarding the Physicians Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST) form.

You have several opportunities to attend Five Wishes Advance Directive training:

Tuesday, May 26, YVMH Auditorium, 5 pm

Tuesday, June 2, North Star Lodge, 2 pm

Wednesday, June 10, YVMH Auditorium, Noon

Wednesday, July 9, YVMH Auditorium, Noon

Tuesday, August 11, YVMH Auditorium, Noon

Open to the community. No registration required.

Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital Auditorium (in the basement)
2800 Tieton Drive, Yakima, WA 98902
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North Star Lodge
808 N. 39th Ave., Yakima, WA 98902
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2015 YouthWorks Pageants

Thanks to the hard work of all of the contestants, coordinators, and advisors from the four pageant schools, this year the YouthWorks pageants raised nearly $50,000 to benefit children’s health care programs at Memorial Hospital and Children’s Village.  During the 2015 high school pageant season Ethan Kimzey was crowned Mr. West Valley and Tyler Hager was chosen as Mr. Congeniality.  Gunnar Velikanje was crowned Mr. Ike and Devon Lawrence was chosen as Mr. Congeniality.  Zack Zamora was crowned both Mr. SHS (Sunnyside) and Mr. Congeniality.  Anders Clark was crowned Mr. Naches and Derek Stanelle was chosen as Mr. Congeniality.  YouthWorks at Memorial is a community service initiative that engages youth directly through mentoring, volunteering and philanthropy – youth in action, giving back!

Caring Support When It’s Needed Most

Sarah, a former business owner, was forced into early retirement by an unmanageable chronic illness.  Not yet eligible for social security or Medicare, single and with limited energy to provide her own care, her entire life was controlled by her illness.

Memorial’s Palliative Care program provides in-home medical, emotional and supportive care to seriously ill members of our community.  Our palliative care team talked with Sarah about her future. Sarah knew that depression was a problem and between her discomfort, lack of ability to care for herself, lost income and her prognosis, this was understandable.

Our palliative care team, funded by caring donors, stepped in to help and arranged for a volunteer to deliver snacks, along with a few meals for when she had the energy to cook.

The team contacted Sarah’s physician to update him, and he suggested hospice. Soon, Sarah agreed that with her health declining, hospice seemed to be the best option. The hospice team’s first priority was her comfort, then a caregiving plan was put into motion.  Moving from palliative care to hospice was seamless – and Sarah was able to make her own decisions with kind and caring support.  Today, she is receiving the high quality end of life care everyone deserves.

Palliative Care is under the Compass Care umbrella of services offered through Memorial’s Home Care Services.   These services provided to patients like Sarah are made possible by generous community donations.

Dear Memorial Foundation

Dear Memorial Foundation:

The care team at ‘Ohana Mammography Center understands that receiving a diagnosis of breast cancer is a life-changing event, one that we patients should not have to face alone.  The newly redesigned nurse navigation service is focused on helping patients like me to understand our diagnosis,  with a nurse dedicated to providing information, emotional support and guidance through the next steps of treatment.   My nurse navigator, Betsy, contacts me at regular intervals to check in and answer questions, to help remove barriers to care, and to encourage and support me emotionally. I felt I was in a maze before Betsy became my nurse navigator.  Her suggestions and support have really eased my anxiety and uncertainty about what’s next in treatment and follow up care.  I can also contact Betsy if I have questions.  Since the initiation of this enhanced service last fall, Betsy has had the opportunity to help support over ninety women from our community.  Since this program is supported through The Memorial Foundation, I just wanted to write to tell you how deeply appreciative I am. – a grateful patient

To make a gift to ‘Ohana in honor of a woman in your life, please go to memfound.orgA card will be sent announcing your tribute.

Children’s Village Helping Families

By Aimee Lybbert –

Our son Christian’s heart defects weren’t caught early on.  At his two-week well baby checkup we ended up on a life flight to Seattle Children’s Hospital.  Since then, we have been on such a crazy ride.   Christian is now heading towards his fourth open heart surgery.

Children’s Village has done so much for our family.  After Christian’s first surgery at Seattle Children’s, we assumed that we would be going to Seattle for all his medical needs.  We are so pleased with how much of his care can be done at Children’s Village.  Christian sees his cardiologist there every month, his siblings have discovered Sib Shops, the support group for kids who have siblings with special health care needs, and my oldest child is about to start occupational therapy there.  And, I have found a sanctuary by attending the Holland parent support group, where I have found help in dealing with how our world has been turned upside down.

About a year ago I made a video to help raise awareness for pulse oximetry testing 24 hours after birth to screen for critical congenital heart defects.  We were able to share Christian’s story with the Senate Committee to help teach the importance of the screening. Thanks to the passage of SHB 1285, starting in July all babies in Washington State will be automatically screened at birth.  Memorial introduced routine pulse oximetry screening for newborns in March.

Have you visited Cottage in the Meadow recently?

Today was my first visit in a while.  The gardens and meadow are blooming with soft spots of flowers, and there is a new play structure outside, donated and installed by a local Eagle Scout; sure to be a hit with the small visitors.

All 12 rooms are filled at Cottage, which sounds like a strange thing to be happy about, but not really.  The amazing staff and devoted volunteers certainly make the end of life journey easier and less lonely for patients and their loved ones.  The lobby bustled with activity today as a new patient was arriving, lovingly attended by her son and grandson, while visiting veteran therapy dogs Winnie and Baxter were regally greeting everyone and lending a warm furry shoulder of support.  Also in the lobby was a volunteer delivering nine newly-stitched quilts made for hospice patients –most of which are made from fabric and batting donated by yet more caring people.  Sandy, who is the mother of  veteran volunteer Heidi, was busy in the family kitchen, filling the cupboards with food so harried family members won’t have to leave the property in search of a meal while at the bedside of their loved ones. Such heartfelt generosity everywhere.

Hundreds of good people are involved in Cottage in the Meadow and home hospice care.  They sure have helped my family members and friends who have been there…and they are still there to provide tender care for yours.  What a gift Yakima has given to itself! Learn more about Cottage in the Meadow here >>


About Healthy For Life

Memorial Hospital and Kohl’s Cares have teamed up to bring you Healthy For Life, a program that provides FREE exercise and cooking classes! The exercise classes are available four days a week and are also offered in Spanish.

Some health issues are caused by manageable lifestyle choices including exercise and eating habits. Because it takes time, money, and resources to ensure a healthy lifestyle, it creates a challenge to some members of our community. Our goal is to make it easy to be healthy!

Programs include: bilingual yoga, bilingual zumba, gentle yoga, boot camp, and cooking classes.

Also of interest…


Compass Care

End of Life Initiative

To meet growing demand, Memorial announces the expansion of comprehensive end of life services, now called Compass Care. This begins an exciting new phase of strategic planning in support of best practices for the care of chronically ill patients, from first diagnosis throughout symptom progression, to end of life care and bereavement help for survivors.

The objective is to support current success while increasing capacity to serve the growing need.  The end result is assurance for consistent, expert medical care needed during life’s final journey for all who need it.  Compass Care services are only made possible by the kind and generous support of our community.  Please consider a gift today.