If 10,000 people gave only $1…

In terms of world population, 10,000 is an insignificant number. In terms of money, $1 is an insignificant amount. Yet, if you combine these two seemingly insignificant values, they shed their veils of mediocrity and become powerful enough to begin enacting major change for the betterment of mankind.

Dean Shirey is aware of this fact. And so, he has made it the primary mission of Cancer Ride America (a.k.a America’s Perimeter Tour). “My goal is to talk to 10,000 people and convince each and every one of them to donate one dollar,” Shirey says. Almost $4,000 dollars has been raised on part of Dean’s efforts to advance cancer care and clinical trials research at North Star Lodge.

Now in Texas, Shirey continues to meet and greet while on the road. He is sharing with those who, like himself, have lost a loved one to cancer and is inspiring everybody he encounters to take part in making a meaningful difference in the fight to end this horrendous disease.

Dean still has a little over 2 months left on the road – and $6,055 left (as of this writing) to raise to meet his goal. That is 6,055 people each donating a dollar a piece. Do you think he can do it?

Every dollar helps. And so can you.

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