Into 2012: Optimism and Focus

Everyone wants to greet the new year with optimism. The problem is that all too often we don’t match our intentions and our focus. This isn’t about diets or wholesale personality changes, this is about genuine optimism in the possibility inherent in each new year.

Remember this single thing: regardless of the industry we work in or the political views we hold: we each have the potential to influence the future.

Yakima as a place and a people has always been resilient. Our efforts here are to be of support as we each have to face inevitabilities in our health.

As we embark on 2012, we will strive for measurable advances in Cancer Care. Working under the dynamic leadership of Memorial and Drs Cleary and Jones at North Star Lodge, we will devote ourselves to creating an environment for remarkable outcomes for patients. We will use the resources that we can to shape new futures by making ambitious, long-term investments in state-of-the-moment technology and deliberately fine-tuning the coordination of care strategies for patients.

We’ll be companions to individuals living with cancer, pushing ourselves to enhance their quality of life and be responsive to their evolving physical and emotional needs.

Children’s Village will prove its mettle as a nimble assemblage of agencies. Those involved continue to show their determination to dramatically improve the lives of children and families with potentially devastating diagnosis.

Cottage in the Meadow will come into bloom, as a product of a generous community, and will bring a compassionate level of care to those at the end of life. The opportunity to make life enhancing decisions in the face of end stage illness will bring comfort, to the living and the dying.

Signal Health, a bold, new physician-led, integrated health care strategy will gain momentum. Local doctors will work together to improve patient outcomes, decrease costs and weather the economic challenges. Results will give our community ways to achieve a healthier community even in the face of a bleak national health care scene and a tough “payer mix” locally.

Memorial Hospital will excel in adapting to what can feel impossible: caring for all who need care, and at the same time advancing patient satisfaction and involving patients and families in decisions.

2012 will mark a sea change in personal responsibility. We really will begin to get healthier! Increasingly we will all understand that the key to halting escalating costs in health care is in our own hands. That by taking control of our own wellness we can avoid the downward spiral of our health and the extravagant costs associated with it.

There is much criticism of health care, but beneath the politics, there is still a quest to heal and comfort. At 2701 Tieton, we’ll be working on that quest, and at home, our little rescue dog Sophie will continue to spend her mornings on a cushion, hand fed breakfast morsels by Steve.

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