91 Brave People

There are 91 brave people in Yakima who are changing their lives.  I am one of them.  We are enrolled in a year-long lifestyle change program called “Diabetes Prevention.”  Seven groups each have a volunteer coach and we meet once a week to tackle a new topic and incorporate it into our daily habits.  What we eat, when we eat and what kind of fuel our food provides is really more important than we had realized.

We are learning the ins and outs of perspective-shifting while planning our food choices.  It’s hard to change those old habits which have taken over our dinner plates!  Everyone has a sense of camaraderie and sympathy for each other’s struggles.  Helpful suggestions from everyone give us great new ideas to try—the best for me has been to preplan and prepack my food for the next day so I can’t weasel out of making healthy, thoughtful choices.

This is week five for my group.  This week we introduce a little bit more activity into our day.  This has challenges for me, as I have had an uncooperative knee this spring.  I’m sure the group will have some great strategies to offer up at tomorrow’s meeting.  In any case, I look forward to these support group/education sessions.  I am grateful Memorial is offering this class!

This program has largely been made available through grant funding attained by The Memorial Foundation.

If you wish to learn more, visit www. yakimamemorial.org/medical-services-diabetes-education.asp

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