When a Blood Donation Meets and a Fashion Disaster

by Jackie Wagner

Jackie, the fashion disaster, after giving blood.

Not only was it Blood Donation Day today, but it was also Fashion Disaster Day at our school. The donation process was soooo problematic; first my iron count wasn’t high enough, then the phlebotomist couldn’t hear my heart beat, and to top it off another phlebotomist missed my vein altogether, and when she finally did get to it, there was no blood coming out! Luckily, the blood started coming through the tube but it was slower than a snail and I was only able to fill up half of a bag because the needle came out of my arm! A strange experience… I’ve given blood many times, but that’s never happened to me before!

I was then finished.  I wasn’t expecting to be done so soon, so I didn’t have time to get a picture of myself actually donating. Of course keep in mind that it is Fashion Disaster Day so the girl on the left… well that’s me after I donated.

Donating blood is important because everyday a plethora of people need blood transfusions and there just isn’t enough blood to go around. I try and do my part by giving whenever I’m eligible. Everyone that is healthy, donate your blood and help to make a change in the world’s health.

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