A Story To Share

My name is Gloria Ponce and I want to share my story with you! Having diabetes for 19 years, I am well aware of its devastating health impacts. Since my diagnosis, I had been scared of the possibilities of losing a limb, becoming blind or needing dialysis treatment, among many other possible health risks. I was frustrated and scared. Then everything changed!

Last June, I met with a diabetic educator from Virginia Mason Memorial who suggested I try a plant-based diet.* I was very skeptical of a diet that would include fruits because they are so high in sugar and they are to be avoided by diabetics; but she told me it would be ok. My life changed dramatically!

Since incorporating more plant-based foods into my eating plan, my glucose readings went from an average of 314 to 107! My insulin intake has decreased dramatically and continues to decrease as I lose more weight. My energy level is incredibly high, and I feel great. I have not felt this amazing in a very long time.

I get emotional just thinking about how this newly-found control of my diabetes has given me renewed hope that I can do something to improve the quality of my life. I may even be able to enjoy my grandchildren (all 7 of them) and my great-grandchild a bit longer. Thank you for guiding me through this change!

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