Once in a while there are angels…

Once in a while there are angels

Many years ago Kay Maples(recently retired Social Worker at North Star Lodge), in her ministry to serve cancer patients met a family at North Star Lodge that had suffered the loss of beloved son and brother Bruce McDonnell. She came to know Dolores and George, Bruce’s parents and together they launched the idea of the Bruce McDonnell emergency fund for patient needs, and the amazing annual golf tournament that fuels it annually.

The tournament is a study in “it’s amazing what a group of committed individuals can accomplish” . The whole family gets involved. EACH YEAR  the fund generates over $30,000 toward a wide range of patient needs. “We want to help them” Dolores McDonnell proclaims at every opportunity.

I love this picture because it captures Dolores’ boundless enthusiasm and animation and Kay’s loving encouragement. Their work is the work of angels, and I consider myself blessed to have been able to see what can happen in the face of such a conspiracy of grace.

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