What is the purpose of The Memorial Foundation?

Look for this weekly blog – Frequently Asked Questions about The Memorial Foundation:

The Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital Charitable Foundation (The Memorial Foundation) is the supporting foundation for Memorial Hospital.  It is a publicly supported organization, doing business as an IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.

The Foundation’s mission and vision are to advance and transform healthcare in Yakima and improve healthcare outcomes for a healthy community.

What does this all mean?  Simply said, The Memorial Foundation raises funds from a generous community to provide support to healthcare programs throughout Memorial’s Family of Services.  Funding is provided for a spectrum of programs spanning four major areas:  Children’s Initiative; Cancer Care Initiative; End of Life Initiative; and Healthy Yakima Initiative.

The Foundation team stands ready to assist you with your charitable giving questions.  Call us at (509) 576-5794.

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A picture’s worth…

Working in the ivy covered brick house at 2701 Tieton Drive, The Memorial Foundation team identifies with its unique office space. The cozy house, converted to offices many years ago, fosters an informal ambience…a closeness…a feeling of community. It’s a place to greet donors, some as they lovingly deliver memorial tributes to honor loved ones. It’s a place for planning, setting goals, and partnering with our community.

Several months ago we discussed getting a new rendering of the Foundation office to use for the website and various publications. Remembering talented local watercolorist Terri Jones, (a retired Memorial nurse) we asked if she might be interested in commissioning a painting. When asked, Terri quickly responded, “The Foundation does so much and Memorial has been so good to me, I want to donate the painting.” With an artist’s eye she photographed the building to capture just the right lighting. Before we knew it, Terri had the painting completed, matted and framed!
To the team here at the Foundation, the office is more than a building, a converted house…it’s where we work to fulfill the Foundation’s mission…To advance health improvement through philanthropy by educating and involving our community. We couldn’t think of a better place to do that!

Thank you Terri Jones for capturing The Memorial Foundation at 2701 Tieton Drive in just the right light!

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Safe Sitter 17 year Anniversary

Seventeen years ago, Memorial Hospital became a Safe Sitter teaching site. To date, Memorial has certified 1,230 Safe Sitters in the Yakima Valley.

Safe Sitter is a medically accurate, competency-based, highly structured babysitting preparation course designed for young adolescents. Safe Sitter’s mission prepares young adolescents for the profound responsibilities of nurturing and protecting children.

 Safe Sitter teaches choking infant/child rescue and CPR, injury prevention and injury management, safety for the sitter, child care essentials, behavior management, and babysitting as a business. Across the country there have been 150 documented cases of lives saved by Safe Sitter graduates.

This summer, Memorial Hospital certified 95 Safe Sitters ages 11-13. Classes fill up quickly and planning is under way to offer six additional classes next summer.

 “I want to take this class because people have already asked me to babysit and I am still not sure how to prevent injuries or perform CPR. I will use the skills I learn while taking care of little kids.” Addison Archibald, Safe Sitter 2012

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Bringing local talent back to Yakima: Dujie Tahat, YouthWorks Coordinator

The Memorial Foundation welcomes Dujie Tahat, the Foundation’s newest team member and YouthWorks Coordinator. A product of the Yakima schools since grammar school, he recently graduated from Whitman College with a degree in English and a focus on pre-med. While in high school Dujie participated in the Eisenhower YouthWorks pageant and never forgot its impact.

As Memorial’s new YouthWorks Coordinator, Dujie will work with high school students to foster interest and involvement in philanthropy. He tells us it is his dream job for this stage of his life. “Due to the amazing teachers and advisors I had the fortune of growing up with, youth advocacy and development have avidly and consistently been at the foreground of my concerns. I am grateful for the opportunity—hopefully and ambitiously—to step into the role as the YouthWorks Coordinator. The possibilities for this program are vast, and my aspirations are ambitious; I only hope to do right by The Memorial Foundation, the program, and the youth of Yakima Valley.”

Dujie will coordinate with members of the YouthWorks Council, two of whom sit on the Memorial Foundation board. He will work with numerous Valley high schools to empower their youth campaigns and pageants to benefit local children’s programs. We can’t wait to see what Dujie is able to create through partnerships with schools, parents and kids.

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Marathon runners to raise funds for Spiritual Care Program

Join Memorial Hospital’s Spiritual Care Team for the October 7, Portland Marathon and Half Marathon as they raise funds for the Spiritual Care Program at Memorial.

With spiritual care a vital element in improving the well being of our community, the Spiritual Care team serves Memorial Hospital, Memorial Home Health and Hospice, North Star Lodge Cancer Care Center, Children’s Village, and Cottage in the Meadow.

“The money raised for the Spiritual Care Program will help us meet patients where they are spiritually and walk with them throughout their stay at Memorial.  It will help in working with and training community clergy to serve their parishioners throughout the Memorial Family of Services and it will provide even better support to patients and their families”, said Laurie Oswalt, Director of Memorial’s Spiritual Care Services.

You can help by sponsoring a runner on the Spiritual Care Team or by joining Memorial’s Spiritual Care Team (and commit to fundraising a minimum of $500). The marathon is now closed to new individual runners—the only way to run it or the half-marathon is by joining a team!

Click here to get started!

You can register to run at www.portlandmarathon.com.

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YouthWorks Council – Youth in action!

While most teens spend the last drops of summer vacation soaking up the bliss of school-free sunshine, three of our own YouthWorks Council members spent their time making some tough decisions.

Recently, Sarah Mitchell, Jomay Ruiz and Mark Day, delegates of the YouthWorks Council, spoke to The Memorial Foundation Allocations Committee to make their formal recommendations for the allocation of YouthWorks funds. Charged with distributing over $54,000, the YouthWorks Council saw fit to recommend $38,000 to fully support Memorial’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit’s (NICU) continued collaboration with the Vermont Oxford Network, while a recommendation was made for the remainder of the funds to be allocated to Children’s Village programs.

All one2one mentors at Children’s Village, each council representative held a personal stake in this year’s recommendation.  Ruiz coordinated this past year’s Mr. Davis pageant, and will do so again this coming year.  The Council felt strongly that they wanted to choose a program with needs they could fully fund.  For Ruiz and the other council representatives, providing funds for the NICU was a top priority.

“[Davis] raised more than any other participating high school, and that was in large part because of the pageant contestants’ tour of the NICU,” said Ruiz. “The nurses showed us their newest incubator bought with funds provided by YouthWorks, and it really focused our attention.  After that, our contestants knew what they were doing provided real value.”

For another Youth Council representative, Children’s Village is a second home.  “With my mom being one of the first employees there, and my brother receiving services at Children’s Village, I would go there all the time,” recalls Day.  Having been around Children’s Village for so many years, Day said, “I used to get my cheeks pinched a lot.  I still get my cheeks pinched, but less so now!”

With the remaining $16,000 for the YouthWorks Council to distribute, they hope that the grant will make an impact where the leadership of the Children’s Village sees fit.  Whether towards autism, genetics or mental health programs, they know that their contribution—though “a small sliver” of the overall operating cost—will make a big impact.

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Donor Spotlight: Thank you Advanced Life Systems

Since 1999, Advanced Life Systems and their team of professionals has been a major partner with The Memorial Foundation in support of health programs for the Yakima community.

Through gifts of time, talent and treasure, Woody and Billie Woodcock have been loyal contributors to Children’s Village, Passport to Health, and North Star Lodge Cancer Care.  Once again, Advanced Life Systems has stepped forward to support Breast Cancer Awareness month.  “We love to help in any way we can to educate and support Memorial’s efforts”, says Woody.  Thank you, Advanced Life Systems, for your generous way of giving back to the community.

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Meet Breast Cancer Survivor: Christine Dowding

I am Christine Dowding, and I am a breast cancer survivor. Over 226,800 women will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in the United States this year.  Two hundred of them will be women right here in our own community.

Most will endure months of chemotherapy and radiation treatments and unfortunately, some won’t have all the resources to make it to their appointments, obtain biopsies, their medications, or rehabilitation.  These are average people just like you and me.  I have worked all my life and had good insurance, but this disease can be overwhelming – physically and financially.

Please join me in raising funds during October Breast Cancer Awareness Month so we can help patients focus on what’s important…their health.  Purchase a “Pink Purse” when you see them at various retail locations, hold a “Wear Jeans Campaign” where you work, or design your own event with the many ideas provided in our “Think Pink” toolkit.

Start planning today by calling Julie Toney, North Star Lodge (509) 574-3441 or http://northstarlodge.memfound.org/breast-cancer-awareness-month-october-2012 to download your fundraising toolkit.

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July Memorial And Honor Gifts

Honor and Memorial Gifts are an excellent way to recognize or commemorate someone special while making a difference in our community. By honoring someone special, you are able to give twice – to them and to those in need of healthcare services. Many people find that with a memorial gift, you can remember and honor someone special while investing in the healthcare of our community and making a difference in the lives of so many.

You can make a gift in someone’s honor or memory today by clicking here or send your check or money order to The Memorial Foundation, 2701 Tieton Drive, Yakima, WA 98902.

Recent Memorial Foundation Gifts

Donors – July 2012

Click here to view July’s Honor & Memorial Gifts.

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