How big is big enough?

You might be standing at the grocery store check out and when the clerk asks if you’d like to donate a dollar you don’t give it a second thought. Or maybe you do, perhaps you think that $1 won’t make a difference or won’t really go to the organization. When solicitations come in the mail, there might simply be too many bills next to it for you to consider it. Adding insult to injury, you feel guilt for putting the appeal in the recycling.

I’ll be the first to admit that the words philanthropy and development can make raising money difficult. What if it were simpler? What if we were in a kitchen making a meal together? If we put giving in terms of ingredients, suddenly a dash from this person or a sprinkle from that person isn’t seen as small, it is the perfect amount to add to the mix.

There have been teaspoon size gifts that have sustained programs, the significance of where they have come from or the timing by which they are given, have pushed us farther ahead. I am profoundly grateful to be in a position to witness the care people take in choosing to give to The Foundation and many other organizations.

Right now we are in “Miracle Month” — hoping for people will make 100,000 $1 dollar gifts. 100,000 miracles in the form of services special kids and very tiny infants who need us. When you see those Miracle balloons all over town — please know they mean the world!

The truth is that there are no small gifts, there is simply more than we would have had without you.

Thank you.

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