A big thank-you to Solarity Credit Union!

A big thank-you to Solarity Credit Union, which donated $21,597 to Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital on Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2013, along with a toy-filled Radio Flyer Wagon. The wagon will be used in the pediatric area of the hospital to move children in an out of the hospital, take them on field trips in the hospital and generally help make treatment a little less traumatic. Meanwhile, the money will go toward children’s health care programs at Memorial and Children’s Village. Thanks Solarity!


Mina Worthington, president and CEO of Solarity Credit Union, presents a toy-filled Radio Flyer Wagon and two checks totaling $21,597 to representatives of Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital: nurse manager Lynda Haralson, Dr. Kerry Harthcock, medical director for the Pediatric Hospitalist Program, and Russ Myers, chief operating officer.

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