Boot Camp for New Dads

“Hold a baby, grab a blanket and take a seat!”  Babies seem pretty complicated to first time parents. Boot Camp for New Dads is a popular program where experienced dads bring in their babies to teach new dads and fathers-to-be about parenthood.   Men of all ages learn together what to expect, what to do, how to cope with sleep deprivation and a crying baby at the same time, and many other handy parenting skills.  It gives the guys a chance to ask questions, hold the baby and talk about dude stuff.

Jerry says Boot Camp for New Dads made all the difference as he started the most important job of his life. “I’m enjoying it so much because of these classes.” He says he has answers now, if Emma gets sick, or starts burping, or crying, “A lot of things just seem more normal — instead of panicking when she cries or screams.” He brought her to class to show the other dads he was just like them a few months ago, and now he’s holding his new baby girl without being afraid.

Thanks to generous support from our community, this class is only $30 to attend. To sign up for Boot Camp for New Dads, email class coordinator Teresa Posada at

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