Bravo John

When I first came to Yakima, the evening following my husband’s interview with the Capitol Theater Board, we went to Gasperetti’s. I was struck by the charm of the place,  the warmth of the people. John introduced himself to us and we felt the embrace of his genuine goodness.  I have thought of him since as our community’s “host”. He welcomes us over and over again, for special occasions, celebrations and memorable gatherings. Our daughter, on her twenty-first birthday wanted to “go to Gasperetti’s” where she had first been (drinking a seemingly endless Shirley Temples) as a second grader.

John Gasperetti’s Ted Robertson Community Service award is well earned. He has been a stalwart partner for the community health and the Arts. Hosting innumerable Art shows, assisting artists and our cultural enrichment as well as many charities as beneficiaries along the way. Charitable luncheons and evening events have enriched a wide swath of charitable efforts.

Heartbreakingly, upon the death of his mother, the family bravely asked that gifts in her memory benefit Hospice, and tenderly recognized this compassionate need. She is remembered in all of our hospice efforts – to this day.

Finally, it just wouldn’t be a Follies (slated for Saturday, March 2,  2013) without John’s special stage filling rousing rendition of some fabulous show tune – that he makes his own with his great big heart and talent. At Memorial and it’s Foundation, a rousing BRAVO, and deeply felt gratitude

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