Breakfast Of Champions: Celebrating extraordinary leadership

Lisa Hagreen: Recognized as a Memorial Champion
Anyone who knows me well is aware of my resistance to early meetings. It’s not so much that I’m not an early riser (I am), more that I treasure morning quiet to walk, practice daily yoga and greet the day with a quiet ordering of my thoughts.

Breakfast of Champions is a long held Memorial tradition – a 7:30 am breakfast named after a box of Wheaties that celebrate extraordinary leadership. As a part of the executive management team from Memorial I feel gratitude to those in the ranks of “champions’ who have been nominated by their peers at Memorial. And on this day my particular admiration for Lisa Hagreen (Organizational health and Wellness)drew me when I saw her name on the Champions roster.

Lisa is someone I would give up my morning regimen for. She is bright, enthusiastic and exudes positive energy. Every time. I have watched her coordinate Orientation for quite some time, making that day a memorable one for all who participate. She attended this morning with her husband Lisa seemed genuinely surprised and delighted that all of us appreciated her so very much.

Surely this was true of everyone there. For me, the joy of learning about each or the newly named Champion was deeply inspiring.

Justin Stiles(Information Systems, help desk)who, more than once has saved my sanity on Saturday and Sunday, when some failure of technology, or my ability to manage it, stopped me in my tracks. And over Justin would come to 2701, the Foundation house, cheerful and non judgmental to save the situation. Michelle Cadigan (Clinical resource Management) who goes the distance for babies, and others who need help and connection to services or help; Latrice Shepard (Early Learning Center) whose baby holding prowess is legend among new Moms at memorial; Erin White (Imaging Services) who was described as “a ray of sunshine”; Haley Sutton (Infusion care)who helps patients in so many ways.

Fun and touching to hear the stories. Tammie Elmore who champions the lowest and best radiation dose, and safety for all. Watching the family members was fun, their pride emanating. I was particularly touched by Carlee Switzer’s Grandma’s intent pride in her granddaughter. And for those of us who have the privilege of working with these kind of folks every day. We are blessed.

Congratulations Champions!

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