Cancer Care Initiative

Relief for those in the battle of their lives…last year 900 new cancer patients entered North Star Lodge for treatment.

 Like everyone else, Alice did not expect to have cancer.  She is one of the 900.  Her resources have been exhausted, but she still has three treatments to go.  Out of pocket costs for cancer medicines run between $400 to $2,800 each month.  Sadly, some people choose to discontinue their treatments, just so they can pay their utilities for that month.

 Services provided at North Star Lodge Cancer Care Center and ‘Ohana Mammography Center form a complete cycle of detection, treatment and support services.  Through meaningful donations, much needed nutritional supplements, complementary therapies and support groups, prescription assistance, specialized lymphedema compression garments, and mammograms have been provided.

 With your help, patients in our community have received world-class cancer care right here in the Yakima Valley.  Gifts to the Cancer Care initiative have helped provide special moments of relief for someone in the battle for their life.

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