Cancer Ride America reaches the California coast! See where Dean is now:

On Tuesday, May 28th, Dean Shirey took to the highways of America. Over the next three months, he will be riding along the perimeter of our country and doing so with a profound purpose in mind – to raise money for cancer care programs and clinical research at North Star Lodge. His goal: to collect $10,000 in donations along the way, made through The Memorial Foundation, in an effort to bring us closer to finding a cure for this dreadful, wide-reaching disease. He hopes to collect triple his intended amount.

This is Cancer Ride America.

It has been nearly one year since Dean’s younger brother, Terry, lost his battle with melanoma. A patient of North Star Lodge, Terry had entered into a newly developed regimen of chemotherapy that had only recently been approved by the FDA. Dean, along with other family members, vowed to do whatever necessary to help Terry win his battle with the disease. Sadly, on September 11, 2012, at five minutes past midnight, Terry passed away.

In his search for healing, Dean began planning a motorcycle ride in Terry’s honor. Having been impressed with the programs and services available at North Star Lodge, it occurred to him that, perhaps, he could turn this ride into something that could help others, just like Terry, fight (and win) their battles with cancer. And so, Cancer Ride America was born.

Cancer Ride America is a catharsis through philanthropy. Dean asks that anyone reading visit his website,, to join in his effort to support the cancer care programs and clinical research that occurs at North Star Lodge. He reminds that every dollar raised counts in this initiative to “kick this disease off the face of the Earth.”

Make your donation today by clicking here.

You can follow Dean, on the road, by clicking here.

See videos from Dean’s helmet cam by clicking here.



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