Changing the lives of youth in our community

By Honor Stoneman

With 2015 in full swing, the YouthWorks Council has been preparing activities for the enrichment of the Yakima Valley.

One of the projects that the Council will be implementing this year is called Project G.O. The Council believes that it is imperative to instill healthy lifestyle habits into the younger members of our community. Members of the Council will be visiting local elementary schools and speaking to students on the dangers of various addictions, and the growing obesity epidemic in the United States of America today.

The Council has begun planning for this year’s Passion for the Village. An annual event, Passion for the Village is a special evening of celebration that helps to raise needed funds to support the amazing children’s healthcare programs and services that exist at this special place called Children’s Village. The YouthWorks council will work together with the Friends of the Village to organize and facilitate the banquet and to also help raise funds for Children’s Village.

And it is pageant season! All around the valley, pageants at high schools like West Valley and Eisenhower are beginning. For example, Mr. West Valley contestants have been raising funds and participating in activities through Children’s Village for months and are preparing for their pageant on the 25th of February. Proceeds of the high school pageants will benefit children’s healthcare programs at Memorial’s Family of Services and Children’s Village.

Everyday offers another opportunity to inspire others to get involved and help make Yakima great!

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