The Clarity of Youth

Our team is made up of bold miracle makers—Kellie Connaughton, fearless creator of many new things here at Memorial Foundation, always seems to carry things in new ways and farther than we ever dreamed possible. Over a decade ago Kellie filled her car with high school kids bound for Eugene, OR. She was taking them to see the successful youth pageant program sponsored by Sacred Heart Hospital and Children’s Miracle Network.

Kellie drove that carload of kids back in a brilliant, puffy cloud of can-do power. They were all convinced that our community could embrace the program, teach philanthropy and get kids meaningfully involved. They were right. Thanks to Kellie and that band of Yakima youths, the Youth Works program was born.

Since that day the program has evolved and grown to include a Youth works Council whose leadership members serve on the Foundation Board. They oversee area pageants with the funds they raise and make allocation recommendations to the Foundation Board. Last year they netted $ 50,000.

The lead voices, Mark Day, Jamey Ruiz, and Sarah Mitchell, take their roles of influence seriously. They studied, toured and deliberated before they came to meet with the Foundation Executive Committee and Allocations group. Their preparation was impressive and it was with enviable clarity and insight that they made their recommendations.

Yakima, YouthWorks and, quite frankly, the world, is lucky to have young people who are already making conscious choices to give back and help pave the way to a better future.

After the Board votes on all proposals received I will post the results here!

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