Come On In

2701 Tieton Drive. The home of the Memorial Foundation. It’s an old brick house that looks like someone’s grandmother might live there. If you come to the door, you’ll just walk right in. You might feel a little funny about it because, well, it’s a house.
Most peer in, and gently ask, “Ok to come in?” One of us, probably Barb (who’s never met a stranger) will urge you to “Come on In”.

We want this web site to be that way. We want you to “Come on in”, and be a part of the Memorial Foundation. Our passion is to make things happen the never could otherwise. Our joy is bringing lots of people together to join forces to impact great projects.

You’ll find many examples of our impact — your impact: Childrens Village, Hospice, Cancer programs and a host of programs that improve lives. You’ll find lots of ways you can help and get involved.

Come on in…Look around. Get Inspired, get involved!

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