Compassion. Innovative Treatments. State-of the-Art Technology.

Are any of these things too much to ask for when you or a loved one is facing cancer? We don’t think so. Our community’s cancer center, North Star Lodge, is dedicated to helping families through this difficult journey. Your generous donations help.

One way of helping patients and families is the North Star Lodge Patient Education Handbook. Available for each patient, the 15-page handbook is customized with definitions, explanations, phone numbers of providers and resources, and a general rundown of tips for coping with cancer and its treatments. All in one handy package, it reinforces much of the information received during treatment planning visits; things that may have been forgotten during the whirlwind of new information. Patients carry this handbook with them to add notes of their own and to help clarify information for family members and support people. It’s a tool that is much appreciated, made possible only through your support.

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