The Cottage Full of Stories

We had no idea how many would come. The first of many gatherings to “Open” Cottage in the Meadow, last night was the first opportunity for those who made capital campaign contributions to come see what they built. Volunteers were posted at each intersection and room, ready and eager to take groups through. People came in droves, with looks of wonderment on their faces. Many cried. All told their stories, their tender tales of why they dug deep to make gifts to name spaces and sponsor rooms. They stopped at the front and tenderly inscribed their river rocks with the names of loved ones or a cherished word or two. The rocks carefully placed in the fountains.

The event had a celebratory feel, but more than that a reverent tone. One family gathered under their recognition art board, with their parents names inscribed. They cried and took pictures. I cried too. The homey feel of the place, the handmade quilts in each room, the soothing colors, trickling waterways, all added up to a heavenly homey feel and everyone there was proud that Yakima had such a resource for families at end of life.

Groups are touring all day today and another donor reception tonight for donors who participated in the Fairweather match campaign. Then tomorrow is the big all-day public open house 10-3:00. We hope you’ll come. And be a part of the stories that live there now.

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