Cottage in the Meadow reviews are arriving!

We are touched to receive this feedback from someone we admire so very much, Marilyn VanOostrum, who leads Nurse Family Partnership efforts from Children’s Village (we’d love to hear more feedback and reactions to the Cottage):

Thank you for such an amazing event on Saturday- the Open House for Cottage in the Meadow.
We are blessed to have this place of comfort and healing in our community. We were especially touched by the way the donors and members of our community were recognized throughout the building. Each has a story, and it makes exemplifies how this place belongs to our community. The thoughtful and purposeful approach in each room and in the landscaping to acknowledge and honor those who have made this happen- just remarkable.
My husband is a landscaper, and enjoys using items that are common to our area in design. He loved the water features using the weir boxes. It is something you see all over our valley in irrigation and so appropriate in a place such as this.

Thank you again for your part in making Cottage in the Meadow a reality, and for making our visit on Saturday very special and memorable.

Blessings to all of you,

Marilyn and Henry VanOostrum

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2 thoughts on “Cottage in the Meadow reviews are arriving!

  1. I just recently went through the death of my husband. A place like the Cottage would helped our family so much. Without the Cottage we had no where to go for his care. I was so worn out by the time he died I could barely function. The care was so heavy but he didn’t want to die in a hospital. Thank God so many good people came togather to make this a reality. This is a huge gift to Yakima. Thank you Memorial Foundation for making this dream come true.

  2. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift to our community!

    Thank you to all who made Cottage in the Meadow a reality–donors, planners, those with the vision to create such a place of beauty. I drive by nearly every day and it makes me smile every time.

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