Cottage in the Meadow Shines at Community Open House

On July 14 the community gathered to signify the completion of Cottage in the Meadow, the new home for hospice. This event saw a tremendous turn out and garnered new and increased interest from a plethora of community members from all backgrounds. As our neighbors and colleagues walked through each portion of the facility, their faces gleamed with an incredible display of admiration.

People passing through shared their feelings of amazement and joy – some even telling personal stories of how much a loved one could have used such an incredible gift in their last days. Indeed, the Cottage is a gift… a gift that was made possible by so many thoughtful and caring people.

Special thanks to Dr. Tim Melhorn and Carol Loudon for their strenuous efforts in ensuring that everything leading up to the open house took its proper shape. But most of all, we thank our donors for their generous donations throughout these last several years. Your goodwill has made a dream become a reality and the support that you have given shall be felt within our community for generations to come.

One thought on “Cottage in the Meadow Shines at Community Open House

  1. I was one of the Leslie Loudon guild members who worked one day at an open house and I must say I am so impressed with what you all have accomplished.
    It is a beautiful facility.

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