Cottage Piano

It was Clara’s first day of her stay at Cottage in the Meadow. After her spa bath, she was interested in checking out the rest of the Cottage. Frankie, her nurse’s aide, showed her around and when they came to the Great Room she was pleased to see there was a piano. Clara talked about how she would often play piano at her church. Frankie intuitively offered to roll her up to the piano in her wheel chair and try out a song. She soon filled the room with music.

The next day after Clara’s playing, another family brought their mother out in her bed to sing with her, bringing her comfort through music. Clara also joined in the singing. The piano, generously donated by Rick and Linda Linneweh, is already uplifting the spirits and uniting families together at this precious time of life.

One thought on “Cottage Piano

  1. The other day, when Mary Camden and I arrived for our Sunday afternoon/evening volunteer shift we were met with the joyous sounds of piano music and singing by the family of a patient who lovingly brought their mother into the great family room – in her bed – to hear them sing the songs she’d sung to them when they were children. This uplifts the spirits of the patient, and also those of the nursing personnel and the volunteers. The gift of love, in the form of their treasured piano, from the Linneweh family made this most special.

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