Mr. Davis 2013 Recap

by Jacqueline Wagner

In addition to serving as YouthWorks Secretary and BlogMaster, Jackie just wrapped up her second year as coordinator of the Mr. Davis pageant, February 26th 2013.  Mr. Davis 2013 is the first pageant in years to break the $20,000 threshold and needless to say, Jackie’s a bit proud… and quite rightly so:

Say hello to our new Mr. Davis: Timmy Nagle-McNaughton!

The photo is a few years old, admittedly...
The photo is a few years old, admittedly…

Okay, here:

2013 Mr. Davis
2013 Mr. Davis

He raised over $2,500 for YouthWorks, and all together, the Mr. Davis pageant raised over $20,000!!!

As a member of the YouthWorks council I am ecstatic with the amount of money Mr. Davis raised.

As a coordinator for the pageant, I am so very proud of the 10 guys that devoted their time and efforts to raise this money!  Not only did they help children with special needs with the funds raised, but they also volunteered at slug bugs and toured Memorial’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Children’s Village.

These experiences truly helped all the guys understand why they were raising money, and how families in and around our community need as much as help as possible because of the cost of special doctors’ appointments, driving around the state, and the little things most parents normally don’t have to deal with.

020 timmy and bryanThe night of the pageant, the guys all did brilliantly with their child escorts as well as their talents. Sam Legg and Zach Fisher sang and performed an incredible four chords song with the keyboard and the help of a kazoo, respectively.  While Timmy and Bryan Ball did a dance to the song “Sisters” (left) and they dressed up in tutus and had effeminate fans!

They were  all fantastic!


I still cannot believe that this is my last year with the Mr. Davis pageant and raising money for YouthWorks.  I know Davis will continue to raise more and more money every year and continue to do an amazing job (while raise the most money out of every high school!) Pirate Pride!

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