Donor Spotlight: Elmer Hart

Elmer Hart (picture of Dr. Hart)

After retiring in 2002, Dr. Elmer Hart wasn’t interested in hitting the golf course. Instead, he put his nimble fingers and ample energy into creating handmade, totally unique quilts to be donated to Memorial’s Hospice and Home Health programs as well as other area non-profit organizations in the Valley who serve children and families in need.  “After 40 years in practice, I had to do something to keep busy,” Hart said with a chuckle. “I wanted to do something of value.”

Hart very often completes three quilts per week, averaging about 100 quilts he donates each year. He swings by the Foundation office regularly to drop off stacks of beautiful quilts.

“These are such beautiful quilts and our patients and families love them,” Hospice Development Director Mark Young said. “There is something so comforting and cozy about wrapping up in a handmade blanket.”

Hart’s living room has transformed into a quilt shop with multiple stations set up for sewing, batting and the fine stitching required to complete each quilt. Hart and his wife purchase all of the fabric and batting themselves, waiting for good sales and coupons to become available to purchase the expensive materials.

The Memorial Foundation welcomes donations of fabric or coupons to local fabric stores to support Dr. Hart’s efforts. To learn more about how you can help, call (509) 576-5794.

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