Early detection and therapy can help children get back on track

Gavin is an adorable little baby.  At two months old he was referred to Children’s Village for a concern about his development.  Gavin’s family noticed he was only turning his head to one side, and shared their concern with their pediatrician.

Through physical therapy services at Children’s Village they were able to address both his decreased range of motion and a slight flattening of one side of his head.  Gavin quickly improved and was discharged from therapy after just four and a half months.  The family anticipated it taking much longer, but he improved so quickly they were done with therapy early!

Gavin and both his older siblings loved their visits with therapist Katie Buck, who included Gavin’s siblings with his therapy so the entire family felt included and a part of helping their youngest family member.

Without Children’s Village and the specialized care provided, Gavin and his family would not have such a happy story.  Gavin’s mom said, “We would not have known what to do if there was not Children’s Village. When you need special therapy or care it is so reassuring to know it is here.”

Thank you for supporting Children’s Village and assistance in providing physical therapists to help little ones like Gavin get the help they need and get them on their way to growing up!

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