We are excited to have a new team member, Dujie Tahat.

We are excited to have a new team member, Dujie Tahat. A product of the Yakima schools since grammar school, he recently graduated from Whitman College with a degree in English and a focus on pre-med. While in high school Dujie participated in the Eisenhower YouthWorks pageant and never forgot its impact.

As Memorial’s new YouthWorks Coordinator, Dujie will work with high school students to foster interest and involvement in philanthropy. He tells us it is his dream job for this stage of his life. “Due to the amazing teachers and advisors I had the fortune of growing up with, youth advocacy and development have avidly and consistently been at the foreground of my concerns. I am grateful for the opportunity—hopefully and ambitiously—to step into the role as the YouthWorks Coordinator. The possibilities for this program are vast, and my aspirations are ambitious; I only hope to do right by The Memorial Foundation, the program, and the youth of Yakima Valley.

Dujie will coordinate with members of the YouthWorks Council, two of whom sit on the Memorial Foundation board. He will work with numerous Valley high schools to empower their youth campaigns and pageants to benefit local children’s programs. We can’t wait to see what Dujie is able to create through partnerships with schools, parents and kids.

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