Extra-Life Fundraiser 24hour Gaming marathon to benefit Children’s Miracle network

On Saturday, Oct the 20th the Children’s Miracle Network will be holding their 5th annual “Extra-Life” fundraiser, a 24 hour world-wide gaming marathon.

Not content to sit at home on the couch and throw a few dollars to charity, a local club has sponsored a team, a team the likes of which the world has never seen, that will combine forces and play video games for 24 straight  hours bringing attention to the cause.

Anyone can say they stayed up all night playing games. These guys will prove it and have set a goal of raising $2,000.

The Reckin’ Crue, a local group of motorcycle enthusiasts, sponsored the 1st hundred dollars and have organized the event.

Local businesses have also gotten on board:

Goju-Ryu Karate of Selah has donated the space and internet access needed to host the event in a public place. People can see what they are paying for.

Moulin Brew has donated cases of Red Bull energy drinks. Can’t play all night if you can’t stay awake!

The folks at The Speakeasy Sports and Spirits are supplying the food. It take a lot of energy to kill all these zombies.

Meet  ‘Team Reckin’ Crue’ :

John “Dizeez” Drakes ~ Team Captain

Jeff “Birdman” Larin ~ Coding Specialist

Bryant “Vadrig” Kyger ~ Communications

Paul “The Mighty Elk” Wilson ~ Network Specialist

Johnny “Dizaster” Drakes ~ Demolitions

Damon “Popeye” Newton ~ Overwatch

Justin “Misfit” Newton ~ Hardware Specialist

Jordan “Swag“ Reyes ~ Combat Medic

Ryan “Farthwright” Sutton ~ Recon

Dylan “Drillin” Rehfield ~ Sniper

For info contact John Drakes @ 509.941-7263

Where: Goju-Ryu Karate of Selah, 11 North 1st Street  Selah, WA 98942

When: 12 noon Saturday the 20th until 12 noon Sunday the 21st.

More info available here:




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