A Fifteenth Birthday Celebration

Time can be measured most in the growth of children. Many children have grown up at Children’s Village. Laura Quinones has been coming to Children’s Village most of her life and is celebrating her fifteenth birthday this year.  October also marks the fifteenth birthday of Children’s Village!

In October 1997, Children’s Village opened its doors to a vision and belief that services should be provided in a family friendly facility that would allow children with special needs to access their healthcare providers under one roof.  Today, Children’s Village continues to grow on the foundation of a shared mission, a philosophy of care, and a cooperation that links children and their families with medical specialists, volunteers, educators and therapists.

Diagnosed with cerebral palsy and a seizure disorder, Laura first began receiving therapeutic services at her home. When she turned three, Laura came to Children’s Village for speech, occupational and physical therapy.  Over the years, Laura has made huge strides in her progress. Not too long ago, she could not sit up, move, or eat on her own.  Now walking with the help of a walker and eating a regular diet, Laura has earned a degree of independence otherwise unreachable.

Laura continues to enjoy pool therapy, which allows her to stretch and strengthen her muscles. She participates in Parent to Parent activities and socials at Children’s Village and has even been a miracle child for the Mr. Toppenish YouthWorks Pageants, which raises money for Children’s Village and children’s services.

Children’s Village is honored to share this fifteenth birthday celebration with Laura.

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