FroYo, FundRaise, FoSho

introducing Sammy Jo Kerney

017 frozen-yogurt-imageFrozen Yogurt.  Delicious.  Delectable.  Dreamy.  And for the health-conscientious, way less calories than the average scoop of ice cream.

It is no wonder that the treat, brand new to Yakima, has acquired so many fans so quickly – myself included.

And what could be a better way to enjoy it than while watching any number of West Valley’s high-school-aged boys running around in a frenzy, helping serve it, and cleaning up messes at the Yogurt Shack?

It is quite the atmosphere:

Mr. West Valley contestants and coordinators wrapping up their take over of Zesta Cucina

Take overs, whether they be of Yogurt Shops or Restaurants, have become a popular way for schools participating in the YouthWorks “Mr.” fundraisers to help raise money for children with special needs.

And for good reason.

Of course the participating schools also host playful basketball games and pageants starring their participants to help raise money, but through my experience, Take-Overs seem to be the events that bring in the most community participation. It’s really pretty amazing to see so many people in a community come together to help with such a worthy cause.

First of all, we have the owners and employees of local businesses which lend Mr. School contestants their space for a day, and part of the profits made from the purchases of their valuable customers (talk about a leap of faith).

017 mr wv nick017mr. wv ben millerSecond, we have the Mr. School contestants themselves: high school boys – whom, despite their silly and laid-back attitudes, are overwhelmingly passionate about YouthWorks and raising awareness of children with special needs within their community.  These guys give up an immense amount of time raising funds and learning – through Children’s Village tours and days spent in Memorial Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit – just what kind of impact their fundraising will have.

Lastly, there’s us: the people in the community who run to Mr. West Valley’s Yogurt Shack take-over to help with the cause, the people who give up their monthly date-night candle-lit dinners to go to El Porton to pay to have Mr. Ike contestants re-fill their water cups 15 times, even though we’ve been sipping on a Pepsi the entire night.

More than anything, these local take-overs demonstrate our community spirit, how much we care, what we stand for, and how much we’re willing to sacrifice for a cause that’s bigger than we can fully comprehend.


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