Gratitude and Expressions of Love

Many believe this to be the last great charitable deduction year! Simultaneously it is the year of greatest need for families.

Families who will be spending their last days with their loved ones at Cottage in the Meadow, as expressed by one family:

“To the beautiful staff at Cottage in the Meadow Hospice; no words can express what you have meant to this family. Because of you, mom passed away with comfort and dignity. Every hand that touched her at the Cottage was an amazing expression of love. How can one even begin to convey what that has meant to our family? To have the blessing during mom’s last days, of just “being with” mom while all of you worked so passionately to care for her and us. You have blessed this family.”

Little ones will come to Children’s Village, their hand enveloped in their parents’ joining the growing ranks for children served by extraordinary doctors who come from Seattle Children’s Hospital nearly each day of every week.

“When we first walked in to Children’s Village 3 years ago, we were just about out of hope that our son would ever be able to catch up with his peers.  We went home with a step-by-step treatment plan that gave us so much hope!  He loves “Village” days.  He is now in kindergarten, proudly keeping up with his peers in schoolwork AND on the playground!  We cannot thank you enough.”

 Many more will be at a bedside at Memorial, praying, hoping.

Please keep The Memorial Foundation in your year-end giving plans. We are here to put your generosity to serious work.

We thank you and bless you this holiday season,


Anne Caffery

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