Kale Amos Gamache was born Saturday June 7, 2008 in Yakima WA.  He was six weeks premature and weighed 5 lbs. 14 oz.  Kale was admitted to the NICU.  During the next two weeks he was put on a ventilator and had a chest tube placed in his chest to help him breath.   Kale received amazing care from the doctors and nurses in the NICU.

Kale’s early arrival and time spent in the NICU was a difficult time for all of us.  Today Kale is doing great.  He is happy, healthy, and full of life.  He loves playing soccer, riding his bike, swimming, laughing, singing, and making everyone smile!

Please help us celebrate Kale’s 5th birthday by donating through The Memorial Foundation to Memorial’s NICU.  Kale is excited to raise money “for the babies”.



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