A healing journey

A man came to our office this week to make a memorial tribute in gratitude for the care his 92-year-old brother received at Cottage in the Meadow. He said, “I have never experienced anything like this before. I watched over my brother as he drew his last breath on this earth totally calm and pain free. I had no idea what a rare privilege it is to be with someone at the very end of his life. It was a beautiful gift to see him so peaceful, and now I am resting easier, too.”

Compass Care offers far more than end of life palliative care. It provides a rich, healing journey for the patients’ family and friends, as well.
The bereavement counselors continue the healing; for 13 months, they will stay in touch with the immediate family of the deceased, to make sure they are getting the emotional support they need to work through their grief. Thanks to your generous support, more families are experiencing the same privilege, surrounding their loved ones with peace until the very end.

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