Healthcare advocates – we’re in this together

By Barb Sperry


2013 was a year for the history books.  At The Memorial Foundation, we celebrated renewed support for hospital programs from our remarkably generous hometown.   Your trust in us is motivating. Amazing things will continue to happen with so many people working together for our healthier community.  Stay tuned to hear more about our four Healthy Yakima initiatives.  We have an exciting year ahead!


On a personal note, many of us at the Foundation have coped with a terminal illness of a family member in the last months. Three of us nursed a parent to a peaceful death with the professional and loving guidance of the hospice team; and others are working through the daily challenges of aging-parent issues.  We know experience is the best teacher and, as a group, experienced over and over this year exactly what our donors and patients go through every day.

I do not report this to garner sympathy; rather to extend a renewed and deeper compassion for the people who walk through the doors of the Foundation and Hospital every day.  While no one happily embraces health hardships, we are grateful for the insight we are gaining.  Our pledge to you is that we DO understand and that we WILL continue to evolve our education methods that help you, our fellow community members, travel the road of being the best healthcare advocates you can be!

Here’s to a healthy and happy new year for everyone!

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