Healthy Yakima Initiative

Carrying on, through support…Debbie had an uneventful pregnancy and was looking forward to meeting her new baby.  When her pregnancy ended in an unexpected miscarriage, she was devastated.  She didn’t know what to do next. Memorial’s Family Birthplace referred Debbie to the bereavement support program Resolve Through Sharing; the relief on her face was nearly overwhelming.

Made possible through community donations, the support group offers emotional support following a pregnancy loss or stillbirth and helps grieving parents and families work through the trauma of suddenly losing their baby.

Most people are not prepared in any way for the death of a baby.  Through generous community support a communal burial plot was purchased at Terrace Heights Memorial Park, where families can choose to inter their babies at one of the two funeral services there each year.  Because of the generosity of our community, there is no cost to the family for this service.  These meaningful gifts have helped devastated families find peace…find closure.  Thank you for giving.

For those interested in referring someone to the bereavement support group, call Memorial’s Maternal Health Services, (509) 575-8160.

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