Our Heritage, Our Future

“Ttawaxt”: Our Heritage, Our Future; is a collaborative dedicated to listening to the voice of the community.  The focus will begin a community effort to reduce infant mortality and promote healthy pregnancies within our tribal communities.

March of Dimes grant funding will be used to build upon cultural strengths within Yakima County and expand the knowledge of those who serve Native American women and their children.  The focus will be an assessment which will help us understand the current prenatal behaviors, access to prenatal services, barriers and behaviors which may hinder a healthy pregnancy.

A collaborative partnership between Yakama Indian Health Center, Yakama Nation WIC, Yakama Reservation Wellness Coalition, Neighborhood Health, Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital, Pacific Northwest University, Toppenish Community Hospital, Heritage University and the University of Washington, has joined forces to build a foundation for improving health outcomes for Native American infants in the Yakima Valley

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