Jeans for A Cause

A big THANK YOU to the collective employees of Memorial Health Information Management!  As a team, they have been paying for the privilege to wear jeans on Friday.  In the last 12 months, they have collected $1,283 and donated it to The Memorial Foundation for Children’s Village programs.

Any challenging departments who want to try to beat that?

One thought on “Jeans for A Cause

  1. It would be nice if all the department managers allowed their staff to participate in the Jeans for A Cause. Another alternative would be to let the employees have the option of donating to their specific “cause” say cancer, M/S, childrens village or other to help to raise more money for their charity or for the hospital. I think if more departments are allowed to participate it would help to improve morale. Pts would question why we are wearing jeans and we would have the opportunity to share with them some of the other “little things” that employess and memorial do to help out the community.

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