Let us tell you about Kale!

Every day, little ones are struggling to thrive, breathe, and grow.

Your gifts through the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals® (CMNH) fundraising activities add up all year long to support local kids’ health programs.  When you seize a chance to purchase a ‘miracle balloon’, a Dairy Queen Treat Day Blizzard, or any other CMNH activity, you are helping kids right here in our community – at Memorial’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), Pediatrics Department, and Children’s Village.

In just five busy years, Kale went from premature infant on a ventilator to soccer playing dynamo!  Because the NICU was there for him when he was struggling for life, he chose to turn his birthday party this year into a fundraiser.  He simply invited guests to make a donation to the Children’s Initiative instead of giving him a birthday present.  Kale has learned at a very early age to pay it forward…all because you gave first.  Happy birthday, Kale.

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