Leaders are the reason

Years ago I realized that I was hooked on my work – this implausible career where along with my team, I take on ambitious projects and go asking for outrageous sums of charitable dollars each and every day. Doing it once might make sense, for decades? Well, as heroic leaders step forward and answer our call, they feed my soul and nourish my spirit. They literally loan me the courage to accomplish the work and dream up more that we can do.

A favorite around our small office, and someone I call a hero, is Dr. Tim Melhorn. Dr. Tim, is a relatively unassuming fellow, Soft spoken, self effacing, warm and humorous. He is the genuine article.

He was spent several years on our foundation Board before he stepped forward to head the Hospice Steering Committee, the group who have toiled for many years to make a hospice home a reality. They have ignored a hostile economy, a competing Children Village Campaign and a general lack of public understanding about Hospice and forged ahead. It has been Tim’s authentic, and profound leadership that moved us forward.

Adequately honoring the scope of contribution someone in Tim’s position makes is nearly impossible. But we try. Tim, and other hospice volunteers are now leading tours three times a week on Tuesdays at 11AM, Wednesdays at 5.15PM and Thursdays at 2PM, so that all can see the Cottage in the Meadow under construction before patients are accepted in August, there are hundreds and hundreds of donors who need to see what they built! Tim, and others wear the “loaner” hard hats, in pink, to differentiate from the construction crew.

Today, we were able to give our Dr. Tim a big smile and great surprise. His own personalized hard hat. And smile he did.

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