Memorial Employee Grant Awards

2013 Round Two Employee Grants Funded by The Memorial Foundation

Each year, Memorial employees submit grant requests for innovative ideas that support patients and families across Memorial Family of Services. The all-employee Grants Council awards these funds through the generosity of The Memorial Foundation.

Here’s a recap of the grants awarded in round two.

 Grief Loss Support Group | $1,000 awarded

Application submitted by Lisa Bartheld, Maternal Health Services. The MEG committee discussed the tremendous impact of the Grief Loss Support Group and decided to provide funding for one year. According to the application, this is the “only miscarriage and stillborn support group offered in the Yakima Valley.” As this is a one-time grant, the grants council is hopeful that the group can obtain more permanent funding.

Hospice Educational Video| $1,000 awarded

Application submitted by Jonathan Eggleston, Home Health/Hospice. Training video will be used to educate nursing home employees about the best ways to “manage patient symptoms during the last stages of life” and to “increase the knowledge of how hospice and the caregiver can work together to bring the best care possible to our patients.” The video is expected to have a 5-year shelf life and to impact approximately 1,000 patients over that time period.

National Diabetes Prevention Program| $1,000 awarded

Application submitted by Lily Gonzalez, Community Education & Outreach. Offering staggering statistics about instances of diabetes in Yakima, this application made a great case for bringing this evidence-based prevention program to our community. Due to community impact, within Memorial and without, as well as the variety of groups involved, the grants council chose to fund this request.

Pain Patient Pedometers| $500 awarded

Application submitted by Jeremy Waldie, Water’s Edge. With the goal of helping chronic pain patients be more active, this application presented a plan to create a “program of goal setting and movement in addition to the rest of the program” at Water’s Edge. A part of this program would be providing each patient with a pedometer. The grants council chose to fund half of the requested amount, providing seed money to get the program off the ground and recommending that, if successful, money would be set aside in the coming year’s operational budget. 250 patients will be impacted by the grant.

Prevent Patients from Falling| $600 awarded

Application submitted by Kathy Wilson, Home Care Services. Aligning with Memorial’s safety goals to accurately assess and prevent patient falls, Home Care Services requested funds so they can participate in a national Patient Fall Benchmarking Project. The funds will be used to train all home visiting and para-professional staff in using the MACH-10 assessment tool. They plan to make the program sustainable by adding the annual fee to their 2014 budget


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