The Memorial Foundation has received $20,000 in grants from Legends Casino!

The Yakama Nation Legends Casino has generously funded three different programs that address patient emergency needs in the following areas:

North Star Lodge Cancer Center received $15,000 to support its cancer care fund which provides hardship assistance for patients who are forced to leave their employment during treatments, and for those who are uninsured, underinsured, or lack caregiver support.  This fund helps cancer patients who need transportation to and from appointments, prescription assistance, nutritional supplements, counseling and stress reduction programs.

Children’s Village received $2,500 for its emergency fund to assist families who face significant needs, unexpected obstacles, and extraordinary expenses associated with the medical costs of having a child with special needs.  This fund was established to fill in the gaps when no other options are available.

Cottage in the Meadow Hospice Care Center and Memorial Hospital’s Hospice Program received $2,500 to serve patients and families who are struggling significantly with their day to day financial existence, and the illness and impending death of their loved one magnifies these struggles.  The hospice emergency fund provides support and assistance to assure quality of life in the final stages of life’s journey.


We are truly grateful to the Yakama Nation Legends Casino for their generosity!  These grants allow us to help those patients who have the greatest need while confronting extremely difficult medical challenges.


Leslie Whiteside

Grants Coordinator



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