The Memorial Foundation just received a $5,000 grant from U.S. Bancorp Foundation

The Memorial Foundation just received a $5,000 grant from U.S. Bancorp Foundation to fund autism, behavioral & mental health therapies at Children’s Village!

 Behavioral issues are on the rise among young children and Children’s Village is the only service provider in central Washington for social/emotional, behavioral and communicative disruptions related to autism.  In the U.S. population 4 – 6% of young children have severe disabilities, 12 – 16% have special healthcare needs and an astonishing 30 – 40% suffer from behavioral, mental health and learning problems.  Currently, one in every 88 children suffers from Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Research shows that early intervention can have a significant, positive impact on children’s long-term learning experiences.  Behavioral and mental health therapies at Children’s Village have been expanded in the last three years to implement more focused and purposeful programming for children who experience social/emotional, behavioral and communicative disruptions.  Services provided by the Children’s Village Behavioral Assessment Team and local school districts are part of a collaboration between education and medical partners to create innovative outcomes specific to the needs in our community.  Funding from U.S. Bank will be used to expand programs at Children’s Village and increase capacity, community infrastructure and level of service.

We are very grateful to U.S. Bank!  This is the 5th consecutive year that they have partnered with Children’s Village to fund autism programs!

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