Can one motorcyclist make a difference?

Dean Shirey will be riding his motorcycle the entire perimeter of the United States (16,000 miles) in honor of his brother Terry Shirey. Terry received his care at North Star Lodge but eventually lost his battle with melanoma cancer in 2012. The Cancer Care Fund assisted Terry and his family with copay support and basic living expenses. “There was a time when I thought we might have to sell our house to help my brother get through this,” states Dean. “Thank goodness for the Cancer Care Fund. Now it’s time to make sure that this fund is there for others.”

Dean will begin his ride Tuesday, May 28, 10 am at North Star Lodge. Over the 12 week trip Dean will be accepting donations and pictures of loved ones whom he calls the “angels on his shoulder” on his website— He will be wearing a helmet cam so everyone can see where he is located on his trip and will be blogging to share his experiences. Come to North Star on May 28 to give Dean a heartfelt Yakima send off…and bring a picture of the person you wish to honor.

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