Oh, the talented Mr.’s SHS!

Jackie Wager

by Jackie Wagner

It was such a blessing to attend and volunteer at the Mr. SHS pageant at Sunnyside High School last Saturday, March 23rd.  They raised over $4,170 and put on a heck of a show.  It was my first time, and it did not disappoint!

Mr. SHS contestans are so incredibly talented. I heard them play the piano, the drums, trumpet, a sousaphone and so many singers; they were phenomenal dancers too.   The really represented their school so well.

023mrshsdance 023mrshsjerrydance 023mrshssousaphone 023mrshshorse 

023mrshsgavinGavin O’Leary (left), our new Mr. SHS, really deserved the crown!  At the pageant, he sang an amazing, emotionally-charged rendition of “Everybody Talks.”

At YouthWorks activities, Gavin was always really engaged and compassionate, so congratulations to Gavin!  He was fantastic… And so is his hair!

No stranger to the stage, Gavin will be performing a one-man show in May, with all proceeds benefitting YouthWorks.

Also, one of the funniest talents I have ever seen happened at the Mr. SHS pageant:  Sergio Ramirez decided to do a makeup tutorial.  As you might have guessed, my inital reaction was that this is clearly a thoughtless and pointless non-talent…

But soon you find out he is going to make himself look like Leonardo Decaprio in the Titanic  He then proceeded to dump water on his head in a kiddie pool on stage, put foundation and white paint on his face, hairspray his hair, and finish it off with some blue on his lips and under his eyes. Not only the scene hilarious, but he was cracking jokes the whole time!

023mrshstakeone023mrshstaketwoIt was evident, throughout the whole show, that both the Mr. SHS contestants and coordinators all cared very much – for the YouthWorks cause and for each other.  It translated into a truly enjoyable show:  I loved it!


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