North Star Lodge Cancer Center “Spa Night”, March 28. 5:30 – 7:30 pm

A cancer diagnosis can cause anxiety, depression and physical stress for patients and their caregivers. North Star Lodge Cancer Center serves people who have recently been diagnosed with cancer and those who have endured many years of long term treatments. Fortunately there are many ways to cope with these side effects including therapies such as healing touch, reiki, meditation, massage, music therapy, acupuncture and more.

The “Spa Night” event gives North Star Lodge patients and their caregivers an opportunity to sample over twenty different therapies and possibly find a few that will assist in their cancer journey. There is also a dessert bar, beverages and opportunities to meet others with similar experiences. “My husband came last year and he had never experienced massage. He really deserves some pampering since he has cared for me day and night”, said R. Copeland. Spa Night is just one of the many therapy programs made available through generous donations to The Memorial Foundation to benefit the Cancer Care Fund. Call 574-3541 to RSVP for the Spa Night event.

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