Our Doors Are Open

Your gifts to the Compass Care expansion campaign have changed the course of end-of-life care in our Valley forever.  Because our community banded together once again to answer an urgent need, Cottage in the Meadow has now been expanded to serve 20 hospice and palliative care patients  and support their families with comfort and practical assistance through a final illness of a loved one.  The State Department of Health has given final approval on occupancy and patients are now being served in the new wing.  This means more patients can be served and more families can have a brief respite from the rigorous demands of 24-hour caregiving.

We are not quite finished yet… with the building expansion comes more un-reimbursable program expense.  That is why The Memorial Foundation has been campaigning for additional gifts to the Compass Care endowment and program support portions of the campaign. Ensuring the opportunity for peaceful healing for hundreds of families each year, now and into the future.

You can give at https://memfound.org/cottage/

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