Outstanding Advocacy Award

Congratulations to the Hunter family of Yakima!  The Hunters have been selected to receive the LeadingAge of Washington “Outstanding Advocacy Award”.

The LeadingAge Awards of Excellence recognize those individuals and organizations that have made an outstanding contribution in the fields of aging, health care, housing and community-based services.  The Hunters were nominated by Garden Village, a skilled nursing facility partnering with Memorial Hospital and Central Washington Comprehensive Mental Health.

The Garden Village staff has become advocates for the Hunters by holding fundraisers and collecting donations to support the Alzheimer’s Advocacy Project.  This project enables the family to share their story at various Alzheimer’s Association meetings throughout the country, hoping they can make a difference in the life of someone else suffering from this disease.

Debbie Hunter and her three children, Braden, Bethany and Austin, are advocates for Alzheimer’s awareness and research.  Debbie was recently a speaker at the National Alzheimer’s Conference in Washington, DC where she shared the story of her husband, Chris.

Chris was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease the week after his 46th birthday and his illness has had a profound effect on the family.  Chris is now living at Garden Village with the care and support of the Garden Village staff.  To read more about Chris and his family, go to http://www.alz.org/alzwa/documents/too-soon-to-forget.pdf

Support the Alzheimer’s Advocacy Project by making a donation to Garden Village at nc.memfound.org/donatenow.

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