Pageant Season 2014 is here!

A new year means that a new season of “Mr.” pageants is fast approaching!

Since 1997, the YouthWorks at Memorial program has been engaging area youth through philanthropy in a plethora of ways – the biggest of which, perhaps, is in the student organized projects that have become known as the “Mr.” Pageants.

Funded by The Memorial Foundation, the “Mr.” pageants aim to raise money, as well as awareness, for healthcare needs throughout our community. For many of the students, the experience of participating, either as a contestant or in the coordinating efforts, marks the beginning of a new perspective.  They see, firsthand, how their philanthropic efforts can touch the lives of our community through their contribution towards the benefit of local healthcare programs and services.

This year, three schools will be participating in the “Mr.” pageants:

  • Toppenish High School
    Mr. Toppenish 2014 Pageant

Wednesday, February 19 at 7pm – Toppenish HS Auditorium

  • West Valley High School
    Mr. West Valley 2014 Pageant
    Wednesday, February 26 at 7pm – West Valley HS Auditorium
  • Eisenhower High School
    Mr. Ike 2014 Pageant
    Wednesday, March 26 at 7pm – Eisenhower HS Auditorium

Thus far, $6,000 has been raised through sponsorships and over $900 has been raised by West Valley High School alone.

Throughout the next few months, you can help these three high schools in their fundraising efforts by visiting

There, you will find the names of selected contestants and options to donate, as well as additional information on the YouthWorks at Memorial program and the “Mr.” pageants. Visit today!


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