Can YOU play video games for 24 hours straight?

Yeah, they’re tough. Not many people would cut them off in a lane-change on Tieton. The rolling thunder and majesty of their bike procession would halt any conversation. Some are bald. Some have long hair. Some shave. Some don’t. But, they ALL own a black leather vest and a bandana. And, they ALL want to make some miracles happen for local kids. “They” are Yakima’s motorcycle club “The Reckin’ Crue.” And one of the lead brothers in this club is John Drakes.

John is a program analyst in patient records here at Memorial Hospital. He and a handful of his Reckin’ Crue brothers will be playing video games for 24 hours on Oct. 20, 2012 in Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals® EXTRA LIFE gaming marathon to raise funds for local kids. The Reckin’ Crue needs your help in raising $2,000! Through sponsorships and donations of TEAM RECKIN’ CRUE, you will be helping raise money for kids right here in Yakima. The team has already raised $253 and are asking you to help!

As John says, “Helping out causes like the Children’s Miracle Network and Memorial Hospital means everyone wins.”

Click this link for Team Reckin’ Crue’s EXTRA LIFE fundraising page:

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