Preparing for the future

Thanks to generous community support, Five Wishes Training is offered every first Wednesday of the month from noon to 1pm in the Virginia Mason Memorial auditorium.

You have an opportunity to give your loved ones a tremendous gift of peace of mind, so that during a health crisis they can focus on caring for you and not worrying about making the wrong decisions on your behalf.  Here are a few of the questions advance directives help you with:

  • Who would you want to make decisions for you when and if you are unable to?
  • What sort of medical treatment would you want…or not want?
  • How comfortable do you want to be? If there comes a time to decide whether you would want to be awake or would prefer to be comfortable-would your loved ones know which is important you?
  • How do you want people to treat you if you are unable to explain yourself to them?
  • What do you want your loved ones to know?

If you’d like more information, come to one of the monthly educational opportunities on advance care planning and how you can prepare yourself and/or your loved ones for the future.

For further information about Five Wishes, please contact Laurie Jackson at 575-8035 or

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